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Consultancy Services

Oracle Consultancy Services


Product Fitment Studies

Zone approach involves studying the existing business processes of companies that intend to adopt package evaluation. We then map them to functionalities offered by various software packages. Evaluation activities are conducted both onsite and offshore.

Fusion Transition Consulting

Many customers are on cross-roads when it comes to Fusion adoption. Customers are still unclear whether they should tread the path of R12 or switch over to Fusion Applications. Our Fusion transition consulting would clearly identify the benefits and challenges involved in moving from traditional eBusiness suite or other ERPs to Fusion Applications.


Cloud Migration Strategies

Cloud is still a buzz word for many though they realize they cannot escape from that adoption. Hence, customers can choose this offering from Zone to make an informed decision in this regard.

Application Healthchecks

Many organizations which implemented ERP solutions many years ago would want to do a performance and functionality healthcheck of their ERP to evaluate whether their investment is optimized enough. Zone comes with right credentials and expertise to handle these assignments.


Zone Experiences in implementing Oracle E-Business Suite allows us to find the best approach that works best for your Organization.

Implementation schedules need to be aggressive, but not to the extent that they cause you to overlook important details or make sub-par decisions. It is often helpful to do the project in multiple (but aggressive) phases to help focus the Organization and create a sense of urgency.
Zone will produce Business Flow enabled AIM Based deliverables at every significant stage of the project as follows:
Conference Room Pilot (CRP) Which means CRP involves performing tests to check the validity of the application set-up, the integration of business flows within the target application system. By using with our methodology and approach you will get a ready –to-use test plan that serves as the basis of OUR CUSTOMERS to incorporate any specific test scenarios.
This approach reduces the overall time to – benefit. Additionally, CRP may be employed to determine the degree to which a defined Business Flow matches OUR CUSTOMERS ‘s business needs, and to identify changes are necessary and appropriate for OUR CUSTOMERS business scenarios.

Zone Implementation Approach will be defined at the very beginning of the project to align the entire project team into common project objectives and goals. The plan will cover the following topics and will be applied to both Zone and OUR CUSTOMERS as a team.
Conduct CRP 1.1 (Product walkthrough)
The objective of this walkthrough is to get the key project team members up to speed on the proposed application modules within the Oracle E-Business suite.
Conduct CRP 1.2 (Future process Modeling)

Zone Consultants will work with the key users to build the future process models for OUR CUSTOMERS.
Conduct CRP 2.0
Oracle applications will be configured based on the future process models.

Zone will provide the test plans that the key users will use to prepare the specific test scenarios for each business process. The consultants will lead the CRP testing activity.
The deliverable of this phase will be a configured application that can support the identified business process and cases.
This activity will concluded with a round-of-hands sessions by the key users. The testing will be carried out with sample data manually entered. At the end of this activity, the key users will finalize the future process model for OUR CUSTOMERS.
Conduct CRP 3.0
OUR CUSTOMERS will lead this activity. CRP 3.0 will include testing of enhancements and reports using control data.
At the end of this phase, key users will revise the user manual and operating procedures.


Project Management


Zone support customers to manage their enterprise–wide IT projects that must be properly planned and managed by handling and auditing the project management activities in order to deliver successful projects.



Software Development


Zone provides its software development services in two scenarios:

Bespoke & Custom Software Development


Zones understands that each client is different, and along with these differences diverse business requirements may arise, and some of these requirements cannot be fulfilled by standard software.

Therefore; Zone provides custom software solutions that are tailored to fit perfectly with each client and to accommodate that clients’ particular preferences and expectations.

Zone utilizes the most advanced software development platforms, frameworks, tools, and best practices to meet even most complex business requirements and eventually to produce cutting edge software solutions.


System Integration

Joining two or more systems to function as one large system became crucial part in IT industry, system integration enables customers to leverage their existing legacy systems and minimize the need of re-developing or purchasing new software solutions.

Zone specializes in system integration by applying different integration schemes and technology standards.