The Paperless Work

Trasolat is an advanced integrated electronic platform covering the work of correspondence with private or governmental entities through which the correspondence, internal and external documents can be easily prepared, exchanged, stored, tracked and retrieved when needed through a unified central reporsitory

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Uniqueness & Singularity

  • Responsive Design
  • Dynamic Serialization
  • Mutli-Languages
  • Outgoing Drafting
  • Reference Card
  • Messages Templates
  • Confidential Correspondence
  • Multi Cabinets & Years
  • Rich Repository
  • Rich Repository
  • e-Signature
  • Delivery Reports
  • Followup Unified Number
  • Incoming Multi Channels

TRASOLAT Components

Security & Roles Management

Directing & Routing

System Setting

Delivery Mechanisms

Capturing & Archiving

Escalation & Assignment

Dashboards & Reports

Multi Cabinets & Years

TRASOLAT .. Do More ..

Define manage organizational structure, users and permissions

Send & receive internal or external correspondence

Inboxes Managing

Monitor and control work processes related to documents on the e-correspondence system

Manage tasks and meetings generated from incoming and outgoing correspondence

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