SSOaaS for Fusion SaaS


1- Customer enablement to cloud.

2- Enrich customer security layer using IDCS.

3- Open new opportunities with the customer for a proper roadmap (IaaS, PaaS).

4- External users can access SaaS application using SSO user/password.

5- Enhance the control on external users using Oracle CASB and AI.

Description of Service

This offering is concentrated to how to use Oracle IDCS to access Oracle Fusion Application by enable Single Sign-On using Active Directory user name and password.

To achieve the delivery of this service:

1. Admin account to access Fusion Application environment.

2. Define the IaaS/PaaS requirements.

3. Create the required IDCS setup and configurtion.

4. Create the required CASB setup and configuration.

5. Integrate Oracle IDCS with on-premise Active Directory.

6. UAT.

7. Go-Live.

Key Deliverables

1- Cloud Account.

2- IDCS access and control.

3- Oracle CASB access and control.

4- User provisioning and monitor access and control.


In order to achieve the scope:

1. Customer must provide current EBS solution design.

2. Customer network team to integrate the on-premise to the cloud.

3- Active Directory access using service account.

4- (1) domain VM back to back with Active Directory and EBS.

Key Customer Benefits

1. Enable SSO for end user.

2. Enrich user experience.

3. Mointroing all end-user activities using Artificial Intelligence (CASB).

4. All services will be managed through one portal page.


1 Weeks

Why Zone

* As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Zone has an expert and certified team in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Database and Oracle Application administration (EBS) which will act as a unique cluster to deliver the service end to end.

* 100% success implementation rate from software implementations and upgrades to migrations.

* Has a large share of expertise in enterprise applications implementation, systems integration, solutions design, and project management.

* The highest PMM level in the Saudi market.